It was one of our BIGGEST GIVEAWAYS EVER. So many of you were excited about the UGGs giveaway sponsored by Petit Feet Footwear in Quarry Lake.

Wait a second… still haven’t been there? Add it your shopping hit list pronto. Dressing your mini-fashionistas for holiday soirees? Make sure their feet are as tres chic as their outfits. With Petit Feet’s fabulous collection of shoes in ALL kids sizes, you’ll find the perfect pair— in a kid-friendly shopping atmosphere. Translation? Bring the kiddos along. It’s a can’t miss. For more reasons to love Petit Feet, check out our original blog post.

And now for the winner….

Drum roll please…

Congratulations to Tyrone Fowler! You WON a free pair of kids’ UGGs from Petit Feet! Check your email for details. We can’t wait to see pics.