When shopping for the toddler in my life, I keep three things in mind: versatility, fabric and a little something I call the wash and wear factor.

The Bug’s clothes need to go from playground to dinner out. If it’s itchy or has a scratchy tag, the clothing item won’t ever see the light of day. And if I have to iron it? Forget it. There just isn’t time given the amount of laundry I do on any given week.

So here are my top 5 must haves for any toddler fashionista. No splurge required.

1. Comfy Brown Fleece-lined Boots. The great thing about pull-on boots are that they look good with pants or a skirt, and are IDMS-proof. (“I Do It Myself” proof).

2. Tunic-Style Play Dress. Dresses are my go-to staple for the hard-to-fit 2T/3T size. I love the tunic style because it looks great for preschool over leggings or jeggings, or you can dress it up with tights and mary jane shoes. Pictured here? The Dolman dress in Maple from Tea Collection. Tunic dresses score extra mileage points because they can become shirts the next season (or year!).

3. Ruffle Sweater. Ruffles are big this fall and add a touch of whimisicality to any outfit. I love this brown and tan striped because it’s a non-white neutral (read: hides stains).

4. Leggings. A staple. Own them in every color. That is all.

5. Anything But Feather-Adorned Hair Clips: I know that feathers are ‘in,’ but they’ll be out just as quick. Felt or fabric flowers are safe bets and uber adorable. And they add a touch of fashion to any outfit (even if your kid is running around in a t-shirt and tights).

What are your fall must-haves?