Although the countdown to Halloween has officially begun (public service announcement: It’s 7 days away. Do you have your costume yet?), it’s not too early for type a’s to start thinking holidays. And as a type a who {hearts} Christmas, I’m not-so-secretly looking forward to getting a jump on the festivities.

Plum District Baltimore has a STEAL of a deal, even if you’re not quite ready to think December gift-giving. Today’s deal? 50% off at

$25 scores you $50 worth of merchandise at, an online stationary boutique known for their colorful, modern designs. I had a chance to skim through the site this afternoon and literally, giggled like a sixth grader. Their stuff is just too cool.

Things you may want to consider using your deal voucher for (because you are buying this one, right?):

1. 2011-2012 Family Planner: Tabs, color-coding, gorgeous family photo on the front – – Monica Geller-type friends would go bananas for this thing. $50

2. Holiday Hues Square Card: Skip the lengthy Christmas letter (unless it’s funny. I love getting the funny ones), and opt for a timeline of things you did in 2011. I love this simple, fun & reflective design! All of Erin Condrens collections includes return address designs. Prices start at $3/card. They also have a Top 10 Card design that is a tres-cute idea.

3. Personlized Lucite Tray: A little bit of a splurge at $119, but how amazing would this look on your coffee table this holiday season? It’s one of those things that would become a holiday treasure. They also have a variety of photo lucite trays. Got a grandma in your life? This is perfection in terms of a gift.

4. Weekly Schedule Pad: The desk blotter just got (cool). Perfect for home or office. I’m pretty sure I’d smile at even the zaniest of weeks if I sat down at my desk and had this cheery pad to greet me (with a giant cup of coffee, of course). Just $30.

5. iPad Stickers. Personalize your iPad with style. For just $25, this make a fab gift, too!

So go over and nab the deal from Plum District. And then let me know what you bought!