Last month, Wee Chic launched their new mixer concept for mommies-to-be — a HUGE success. Think mocktail party where expecting moms can hob nob with Charm City’s leading baby experts. No stress, just a fun opportunity to ask all of those questions to people who really know. The fun continues this month on Thursday (October 13th) at 6:00 PM with another Pregnant and Chic mixer at Wee Chic. Here are five reasons you should come:

1.The idea of compiling your registry is overwhelming. The baby whisperers at Wee Chic will be there to help you wade through the ‘must haves’ and the ‘not necessaries.’ (PS: The wipe warmer? NOT necessary.)

2. You have questions about breast feeding that you don’t want to post in an online “mommy” chat (yes, they can be scary if you’re not in right place). Stephanie from Zoe Maternity will be there, happy to answer them.

3. Your husband or significant other insists he can install the infant carseat. He’s been trying for two weeks now. Get a quick tutorial from the carseat experts from Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital while you sip your mocktail and install that seat with confidence.

4. Your OBGYN mentioned that you need more iron and suggested liver. The thought of liver makes you want to lose your lunch. Prenatal nutritionist Angela Mirra will be on hand to give you other nutrition options. That don’t include liver.

5. You hate yoga but you’re dragging yourself to pre-natal yoga class so you can meet (or ‘collect’) other new-mom friends. Stacy and Lindsay from Charm City Kids Club have other mom-baby bonding options, plus there will other fabulous new moms to meet at the mixer, too!

Added bonus? Stephanie Bradshaw and the team from Bradshaw Styling will be sharing tips for dressing after baby — and helping you decide between lampshades for the nursery if you’re still oscillating between the paisley or the stripe. 

Bring future grandma or a friend to enjoy prizes, giveaways, and “preggers” friendly light fare and drinks. Mommy Mixers are reservation-based and space is limited so call 410.878.7400 to grab your spot.