Do you remember being seven months pregnant? For me that was the magical moment where everyone I encountered had an uncanny desire to impart their parenting or childbirthing words of wisdom. Random woman standing behind me at Target? She’d want to know how long I was planning on breast feeding. (Not “if” mind you — how long). Casual colleague at a business meeting? He’d ask what my childbirthing plans were and toss in a “You will get the drugs right? My wife was crazy wild until she got the epidural.”

Really. What do you say to that… except resist the hormone-driven urge NOT to snap back none of your business?

Then came the onslaught of mailings wanting to know how I would bank my child’s umbilical cord, a myriad of free formula samples, information on how to start saving for college… Overwhelming is the understatement of the year.

{{You do remember, don’t you? Yeah, my blood was pumping a bit, too. Insert zen moment. Then come back… I’ve got good news!}}

Bridget Stickline, owner of Wee Chic – A Baby Boutique in Green Spring Station, remembers moments like these and has vowed to give Charm City’s new moms and moms-to-be a guilt-free, fun opportunity to mingle with local experts and resources, hold the sales pitch. Her brainchild? Mommy Mixers. For the modern mom who’s pregnant and fabulous.

Wee Chic has partnered with Baltimore’s Child Magazine to host three different Mommy Mixers this fall. Moms-to-be (and new grandmas too!) can sip mocktails and chat it up with area experts who will share tips on everything mom and baby! Styling a nursery, nutrition, car seat installation, baby proofing, infant massage — all your questions answered in one place.

The first mixer takes place on September 15th at Wee Chic from 6 pm – 8:30 pm. Mixing and mingling with mamas-to-be and their friends will be Ana Goldseker from Mindful Nutrition, Rochelle Walker from Pampered Mommas, Lindsay Klatsky from Charm City Kids Club, Sheena Hill from Purposeful Parenting, and of course — Bridget from Wee Chic.

Bring future grandma or a friend to enjoy prizes, giveaways, and “preggers” friendly light fare and drinks. Mommy Mixers are reservation-based and space is limited so call 410.878.7400 to grab your spot.

For more Mommy Mixer updates, check out the Facebook Event Post and be sure to ‘like’ Wee Chic on Facebook!