A horrendous accident sparred a traffic jam on 83 that shut down all lanes. Mother Nature couldn’t decide if it should be cloudy, rainy, chilly, sunny or a mix of all four. Party City lost our balloon order.  There was mud, mud and more mud.

Bottom line? None of it mattered. We had a BLAST at Irvine Nature Center. Thanks to all of you.

More than 125 people came out to play with us at Irvine Nature Center for our first nature play date last Saturday — and had a chance to explore the center’s brand new outdoor classroom, take a trail walk, pet a turtle, create beautiful art with everything from cereal boxes to paper towel rolls with aMuse Toys, and mix their own trail mix with Plum District Baltimore.

Forget about the weather. It was all about play. And some kiddos (mine included) made several costume changes. That’s how to judge a good play date: number of required ensemble changes.

Thanks to all of you who came to play! We can’t wait to see you at the next play date pumpkin adventure. Mark your calendar for October 16th and we’ll post details soon!

Here are a few photos from the day:

The play date schedule. For the most part, we stuck to it. But you have to be flexible with weather and kids! Luckily, the Irvine staff is amazing.
The Make Your Own Trail Mix station. All snacks were generously provided by Plum District Baltimore.
The best part about Make Your Own Trail Mix? Perfect activity for little hands.
Everyone got to get up close and personal with the turtle — who definitely loves the camera.
Double the turtle love!
The wooden xylophone was a huge hit with everyone!
Didn’t matter how big or how little you were… making music in the outdoor classroom was one of the biggest highlights of the play date!
Another music maker!
Who said creativity wasn’t messy? Making Makedos with the wonderful Erin from aMuse Toys! Don’t worry. We cleaned up.

Want to see more play date pics? Check out our play date album on Facebook! Be sure to tag yourself and add your own photos by posting them to our wall!