Pint-sizer fan favorite Laurie Berkner is headed to Charm City on Saturday morning to perform LIVE at Pier Six Pavilion at 11:00 AM (gates open at 9:30 AM). We’d totally be there if we weren’t playing at Irvine Nature Center at the same time. {{See — you’ve already got two fab choices for keeping the kiddos busy on Saturday!}}

Laurie was kind enough to answer a few questions via email. Find out what song she can’t wait to perform for Baltimore families on Saturday, why her life is ‘like a hurricane,’ how she’d spend a day in Charm City and her favorite snack. Just happens to be green…

We know our readers can’t wait to hear you all live on the 17th! What can they expect at a live concert?
Laurie: Lots of dancing and movement to songs from all of my albums, and for this show especially from the new DVD Party Day. We really encourage the kids to get up and be a part of the show, not just sit and watch.

What inspires your music?
Laurie: Memories from my childhood, things I’m going through in my life right now, my daughter and listening to what kids around me say.

Can you share a typical ‘day in the life’ of Laurie Berkner?
Laurie: I get up, always too early for my taste (I love to sleep late!), help my daughter get ready for school and try to get myself ready as well. We leave (usually a little later than we should to get to school on time) and I drop Lucy off. Then I either take care of personal things, work on whatever creative project I’m in the middle of (musical or otherwise) or go into the office to take care of the business end of my career. Very quickly it becomes 3pm and I am picking up Lucy from school. We hang out together or I take her on a play date, usually trying to take care of email etc. on my phone if we’re at someone else’s house. By 5 or so I like to be home so I can make dinner so Brian, Lucy and I can eat together. There is usually some more hang time after dinner and then bedtime routine for Lucy. After she goes to bed Brian and I either try to spend some alone time together or end up each doing work that was left over from the day. Then I pass out.

If there was a movie made about you, what would be the title track?
Laurie: Hmm, this was the hardest question for me. My first thought was “Like a Hurricane” by Neil Young because I so often feel that way inside. Then I realized that if there ever really was a movie made about me I would want to write that title track! So I would either write something new or use my song “I’m Not Perfect”, since that is something I’m always struggling with.

Favorite snack?
Laurie: Kale chips. {{Ed note: Trying to get the green stuff into your kiddo? Just tell ’em Laurie loves kale!}}

If you had a day off in the Baltimore area, where would you go and what would you do?

Laurie: I would have my day be on a Sunday and start at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market in the morning and then go to the National Aquarium in the afternoon.

Two of my toddler’s favorite songs are “We are the Dinosaurs” and “I Know a Chicken.” She dances all around the family room when these come on! I can just imagine the fun mayhem in a concert. Which song is your favorite to perform live and why?
Laurie: It changes as I write new songs because usually my favorite is one of the newest ones. Right now I would say I really like singing “My Family” because the audience gets so excited to hear it and it’s still a really special song to me. My father passed away earlier this year and I sang it to him in the hospital before he died. When I sing it I’m reminded of him and of the wonderful family I have now as an adult, and all of the people in my life whom I care about.

Fast forward five years from now: what are you doing?
Laurie: Worrying about my daughter becoming a teenager! Whatever I’m doing in my career, I will still be finding a way to be creative and make music. Or maybe I’ll have my own organic farm. 🙂

What’s the BEST thing you’ve ever heard anyone say about the Laurie Berkner Band?

Laurie: “Mom, put on MY music. You know, Laurie Berkner.”

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