Boom… goes the dynamite.

Well, not exactly. Our friends at the Maryland Science Center have been having loads of fun this summer entertaining visitors with their Summer of Irresponsible Science series. And the Bug and I had a daddy-daughter date to go investigate last Sunday afternoon.

On the short car ride over there, we tried to guess what the science center might be cooking up. Did they create Doc Brown’s time machine and do we get to cruise the race course for the grand prix coming up? Or would we be going back to the future and traveling through time? Or maybe they have brought Harry Potter’s Quidditch game to life and mastered a flying broom stick?

No flying broom sticks. Lots of explosions.

The center’s atrium was PACKED when we arrived. And then there was a bang that sent the Bug jumping, right out of her stroller. She (and every other kid there) bolted toward the explosions (way to get everyone’s attention, Science Center staff). What was going on? The Centers team of mad scientists were stuffing balloons into liquid nitrogen and blowing them– resulting in thunderous applause and screams off joy from all the kids in the audience {{including our Bug}}.

Rest assured, the Science Center says that while all of these explosions look dangerous, they are perfectly safe.

From there we were directed to the ground floor atrium where, yet again, the mad scientists had were shooting ping pong balls using dry ice to the crowd gathered below. It was like someone had smashed a huge pinata above the crowds head and the kids were running after candy. The Bug giggled as the little white and orange balls spiraled to the floor and were gobbled up by the kids waiting below.

Check out the YouTube montage the Science Center put together about this series:

The short of it? The Bug and I had a blast. Summer Irresponsible Science runs through Labor Day weekend and will be a huge hit with your family. For the kids and — well, all of us who are kids at heart. Who doesn’t love explosions?

Guess what? We’re sending a family of four to the Science Center FOR FREE (thanks Maryland Science Center!). Want to win the four free passes to check out Summer of Irresponsible Science? Just fill out this quick form. You have until Sunday, August 14th at midnight to enter. Want a second entry? Just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about the Science Center — or what exhibit you’re most looking forward to seeing!

(cool) tip: This weekend is a GREAT time to visit the Science Center because they are hosting backyard science days in conjunction with Summer of Irresponsible Science.