Many of my favorite toddler and childrens’ app developers have come out with brand new products in the past few days. Naturally, I feel inclined to share the good ones with you! So each Thursday in August, I’ll be sharing a sanity-saving, hand-it-to-them-in-the-grocery-store-to-prevent-the-fruit-snack-meltdown app. And giving one away to a lucky reader!

First up? Who Says Moo. Created by Charm City’s own KneeBouncers.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am the Social Media Mom for KneeBouncers. I took on the KneeBouncers gig because I think they have a fantastic product and they’re a local parent-owned company. Grounded in play, their apps are phenomenal teaching tools for the tiniest of pint-sizers.

So it wasn’t surprising that the dad-duo founders attempted — and succeeded — in re-envisioning the eBook experience with their Who Says Moo app.

What do I love about it? Colorful illustrations, clever animations, toddler-designed touchscreen navigation, and a special voice recording feature that can make anyone — you, your tot’s older sibling or a favorite aunt — the narrator of the story.

It really is a toddler-friendly app. The Bug can easily navigate through the electronic book pages and loves the unpredictable ‘disguises’ the animal characters take on. She also gets a kick out of creating a cacophony of animal sounds by clicking all of them at the same time. It’s like one loud barnyard mosh pit.

Every time the 7-year-old narrator’s voice comes on and asks “Who Says Moo,” the Bug erupts in “MEEE. MOOOO. I say Moo. The cow says moo, too.” It’s just too stinkin’ cute.

Currently available for iPad for just $2.99, the local company has plans to offer the same app for iPhone, Android and even as part of their suite of online games very soon.

Want to win a free Who Says Moo app for your iPad? Just fill out this quick form. We’ll announce a winner on our facebook page next Wednesday at 12:00 PM EDT (so you have until then to enter!).