Back in April, I shared the debut of the Bob Books Reading Magic Apps from Learning Touch. Well, they just released 12 more scenes in Volume 2!

So, no surprise. Bob Books Reading Magic #2 is my pick for week two of our month-long app giveaway extravappganza.

Here’s a snipped of what I said in April:

I love when learning and fun are fused purposefully — and creatively — through technology. Which is why I’m impressed with the Bob Books Reading Magic app. By blending animation, letter recognition exercises, letter-sound matching, touch screen technology and simple stories, the best selling Bob Books become more structurally interactive for emergent readers.

Still holds true for the Volume 2 release. Need a few more reasons to give this app a try? I’ve got three for you:

  1. When your kiddo accurately completes a task, the black and white line drawing transforms to a full-color illustration — just like when you know how to comprehend a text, the story comes to life.
  2. There are several different levels, so you can scale the learning activities based on the reading readiness of your child. Even the youngest of toddlers can do level one — a drag and drop the letters to match a word. Young kids are beginning to identify letters, objects and symbols, so this is an age appropriate task for pre-schoolers. The app also teaches left to right letter order, spelling without visual hints and/or picking letters to spell words. Think of it like buying shoes for a toddler: it’s an app that can entertain your toddler now but still has lots of room to grow.
  3. Usually I love apps that have a whole lotta animation and movement. But for the Bob Books app, I love the simplicity of their animations. Leaves a lot of room for your toddler to use their own imagination to build a story.

The app is currently available for iPad and iPhone for $1.99 from iTunes.

Want to win a free Bob Books 2 app for your iPhone? Just fill out this quick form. We’ll announce THREE WINNERS on our facebook page next Wednesday at 12:00 PM EDT (so you have until then to enter!).

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free download of Bob Books Reading Magic 2 from Learning Touch in order to evaluate the product for review. All of the opinions expressed in this post are mine. That’s (cool) progeny’s promise to our readers: 100% honesty. If we didn’t love it, we would never have shared it!