As many of you know, the Bug turned 2 last week. Since then, she’s gotten a bevvy of gifts from her parents, grandparents, extended family — and still has a birthday party to go. In fact, I’ll be sharing some of the party planning in posts this week, and a full recap of the Rhinestone Cowgirl fete next week!

These are some of the gifts that got an “oooohhhhh wowwwwww” when first opened and have occupied for hours since (just in case you’re in the market to pick something up for a toddler in your life!).

1. Rody: This Italian-made bouncing horse has become a beloved friend in our house. The Bug asked if Rody could ‘spend the night’ in her crib last night. Double bonus? The bouncing wears her out… Thank to Erin at aMuse Toys for this gift suggestion!

2. My Very First Orchard: I was skeptical about this gift. A board game — for a two year old? It’s a huge hit. Kept the Bug, her uncle and grandparents busy for hours. Created by Haba, don’t worry if your toddler still puts everything in their mouths. The game pieces are plenty big and not choking hazards.

3. Happyland Spring Meadow Zoo: Not only has the Bug fallen in love with the Zoo, she’s played for hours with the Happyland Toy Store, School Bus and Green Grocer, too!

4. Hoohobbers Director’s Chair: This is a huge hit! Portable, durable, pint-sized and pink. What more is there to say?

5. Pottery Barn Playful Chef Cooking Set: You know the toy your toddler opens — and then wants to play with immediately, abandoning all other wrapped gifts? This was that toy. Perfect for pretend play and the ‘real kitchen.’

6. Sponge Bob Youth Tennis Racquet: Ironically, the Bug doesn’t even know who or what Sponge Bob is. {{Let’s be honest, does ANYONE know what Sponge Bob really is?}} That didn’t deter her from immediately grabbing this racquet and giant sized foam balls and hitting them around. Not even a sprained foot kept her from playing with this one!

7. Alex Toys Water Whistle: It makes music. In the tub. Simply a classic.

8. Educo Healthy Gourmet Salad: We’ve been on a bit of veggie revolt in our house lately. So we thought we’d be super suave parents and get some pretend veggies to encourage munching on the green stuff. We’ve been pretending to eat ‘salad’ with ‘peppers’ ever since. No transition to the real leafy stuff yet, but we’re hopeful. In the meantime, the Bug is pretending to be a gourmet top chef.

9. Dancing Dreams book by Kate Ohrt: Your twirly whirly girl can pretend to be a prima ballerina, broadway tap dancer, flamenco master, or kick in the chorus line right along with ‘day dreaming Gracie’ in this book. We’ve read it 22 times since received. A quick favorite.

What toys have your toddlers been unable to put down lately?