We thought about asking our favorite boutiques for the 411 on hot items this mother’s day, but asking some of Baltimore’s favorite moms was so much more fun.

Hanah Cho
Baltimore Sun Reporter & Charm City Mom Blogger

Mom to adorable 16-month-old Jacob, Hanah is currently facing the same dilemma that many of us modern moms run into: the digital photo crunch. She has tons of images stored on her computer, but would love a bound photo album of Jacob from birth until now. Another treat high on her list? A spa day at About Faces or Red Door. “I’d love a spa day, where I could relax and get a mani-pedi,” said Hanah. (You’ll see a recurring theme in this feature – – seems like a LOT of “Charm”-ed moms are craving a day of R&R;).

Kim Gross
Founder of Rileyroos

If this busy mompreneur could have anything for mother’s day, it would be a family reunion. She’d love to have all of the moms in her immediate family (scattered around the US) together for a celebratory day of fun, laughter and relaxation. “A little pampering by our husbands and children would be a nice added touch!” said Kim. She’s also dying to try one of the gourmet meal delivery services and isn’t afraid to drop a hint. She sent husband Brian one of the deal-a-day-site offers for a local company, Lynn’s Meals in Minutes. Kim might love to cook, but finds weeknight mealtime can be stressful and would much rather spend extra time with children Riley (7), Cait (6), and Patrick (3).

Jill Smokler
Domestic Satirist (aka funny mom blogger), Scary Mommy

What we love most about Jill is her honesty — and we get a daily dose of it on her fabulous blog, Scary Mommy (if you haven’t read it, it’s more laughs than scary). When we asked her what she wanted for mother’s day, she said “alone time.” While she might adore her kids Lily (7), Ben (5) and Evan (3), she’s craving a few heavenly hours of “me” time. Preferably at The Mt. Washington Spa. And during said spa time she will, of course, dream of world peace. She added at the end of her email interview that she really thinks of every day as mother’s day. “I may get sick of them and need a break,” said Jill. “But the kids make my life complete. I don’t really need a day to acknowledge that.”

Mary Alice Yeskey
Director of Marketing, Charm City Cakes

The Charm City Cakes maven (and Duff Goldman’s right hand marketing gal) is celebrating her first mother’s day this year. {{Congrats Mary Alice!}} Son Spencer is just 4 months and Mary Alice is hoping for a fairy godmother – – er, housekeeper. “When my son was born in December, I got so much help and support in the first few weeks home,” said Mary Alice. “But it’s a bit of a harsh reality check when all the food and assistance from friends and family starts dwindling off and you’re faced with managing everything yourself. What I would love more than anything is a full weekend to do nothing but spend time with my family. I think a wonderful gift would be a gift certificate for cleaning service to could come in and really get my house spic and span, allowing me to just relax and enjoy myself.” Mary Alice’s choice of cleaning professionals? Stacey’s Clean Sweep. This company is local and green – two things that are important to her! {{Us, too!}}

Candace Dold
Reporter, Fox 45 News

Another new mom! Candace will be celebrating her first mother’s day with 9-month-old daughter Gianna (although we hear she was treated a bit by her husband and own mother last Mother’s Day since she was anticipating Gianna’s arrival). What’s top on Candace’s list? For Gianna to say “Mama” and repeat it — all day long. “I only get ma on special occasions right now,” said Candace. Other things she’d love? A scrapbook full of pictures that capture favorite memories of Gianna since birth, or a spa gift certificate to The Pearl Spa in Howard County.

Claudia Towles
Owner, aMuse Toys
Mom to 10-year-old Sebastian, Claudia is hoping for a little family time this mother’s day. “The gift of our moments together and the ability to hold onto the spontaneous and sincere love children are so good at demon
strating” said Claudia. ” I think I would want to remember this Mother’s Day– their childhood expressions filled with enthusiasm and sincerity. Time flies, the kids are getting older.” By kids she means Sebastian, and her niece
Alexandra, who’s not her biological daughter but might as well be. She’d love a photo book of the kids, too, because nothing is more precious to her than a moment captured. Probably why she’s frequently referred to as a Mamarrazi… Her fav Charm City photographers? The fab folks at Love Life Images, Inc.

See, we told you spa treatments were a hot commodity this year. But let’s be honest – – when aren’t they? If you really want to score big, give the mom in your life a certificate and 90 minutes on a random Tuesday. You’ll be golden.

What are you hoping for?