Are you familiar with the website For a mom like me who has a little bit of crunch in her {{yes, we did make all of the Bug’s baby food}}, it’s a fabulous resource. Developed by mom Catherine McCord, Weelicious is a one-stop shop for toddler friendly recipes, nutrition information, foodie-related parenting thoughts and more. With message boards and video tutorials, it’s one of those comprehensive resources I just love going back to time and time again.

And now there’s an app. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

So when I walk down the grocery store aisle or stop by the farmer’s market and see that there are excellent prices for white asparagus or pea tendrils, I can whip out the app and see if Catherine has come up with a fabulous recipe that has high bug-approval potential.

You’ll be able to access tutorial videos, the Weelicious facebook/twitter communities, search recipes by keyword/ingredient or create your own personalized shopping list.

Did I mention it’s free?

For more information about the app, please check out the announcement post on the Weelicious blog.

On a side note, Catherine does not believe in sneaking veggies. You know that I’m for doing whatever you need in order to make sure your child has the nutrition they need. So, I’m for balance. While I don’t believe I’ll ever put broccoli or spinach in brownies, blending veggies into tomato sauce is something I’ve ALWAYS done. It’s not a covert operation in my opinion. Just good common sense. Go ahead and give your sauce full-bodied flavor. You don’t have to tell you kids — or your husband — about it.