Many thanks to today’s gift guide contributor, Bridget Stickline from Wee Chic – A Baby Boutique in Green Spring Station. Bridget is sharing her inspiration and top picks for spreading the candy free love this Easter season. Like Bridget’s taste? Then you’ll love Wee Chic. Stop by and say hi next time you’re at the Station.

As a mom I feel I am perpetually employed in the role of sugar-blocker. Reducing and distracting from the endless deluge of sugar that comes across the path of my 4 year old takes creativity and I am not above a good old fashioned bait n switch. The isles of the grocery store, the commercials during cartoons and even the check out isles at Home Depot (for Pete’s sake) are stocked with colorful candy packages that I have to repeatedly refuse to buy. So far my “it’s not good food” explanation isn’t taking hold in Elle’s complicated little head so the conversation starts anew with each visit. This Easter I am going NO CANDY…. Hoping instead for gifts that celebrate Spring and encourage exploration. Here are some ideas if you care to follow suit….

Seedling’s line of craft kits is one candy free, creative win after another but my current obsession is the Make your Own Kaleidoscope kit. The kit includes all the supplies your little genius needs to craft their own custom designed kaleidoscope. Add a dimension and ask your little picasso to draw some of the colorful designs and patterns they see inside their kaleidoscope as they twist.

Zuny leather bookends are a terrific, whimsical way to highlight and hold up all everything from Shel Silverstein to Dr Suess in your little one’s room. A fun addition to any room décor. {{Side note: Seriously coveting the elephant book end!}}

This simple gardening kit comes with a pot and seeds for indoor gardening and tools that can be used outside for mommies-mini-gardener. In our house we planted the daisy seeds inside and they are progressing well. We are looking forward to some nice weather to get outside and use the tools in the real garden.

Replace the big bowl of jellybeans with the perfect twirly girl summer dress. Your favorite little fashionista will love opening her special package and might even give you a good twirl for good measure. {{Side note: (cool) progeny is a HUGE fan of Saurette, pictured here. Check out our interview with designer Lisa Kanouse, and our preview of their spring dress collection.}}

A recent cabinet delivery reminded me of the magic of a BIG cardboard box. We grabbed some markers and a razor knife (I grabbed that part) and set to work transforming the box into a my daughter’s very own summer cottage. She drew the windows, doors and even asked for a skylight so she could see the stars while she slept. Hours of fun ensued entering and exiting by every egress. Now if it just survives the first visit with her overly adventurous “Nooney”.

Like something you see here? Everything in this gift guide (including large boxes when available from that week’s shipment) can be found at Wee Chic.

What will be in your Easter gift baskets this weekend? Have other suggestions for cutting down the sugar?