The next time your toddler dumps his or her spaghetti off of the table, you might very well be able to blame Einstein.

Or author Mariela Kleiner, whose delightful new picture book Meet Einstein teaches pint sizers that science is all around us. And that Einstein discovered gravity. Hence why food falls down from the table, not up.

With charming illustrations by Viviana Garofoli, Meet Einstein is the perfect introduction to all that is science, inspiring your mini-me to be inquisitive and make his or her own discoveries.

It’s refreshing to have a book inspire the lab coat rather than the princess crown. Not that there is anything wrong with the princess dress-up. Good grief, our Bug runs around in a tutu most of the day. We should just make sure our budding princesses can also explain things like the theory of relativity when they’re older.

Oh, and that the world doesn’t revolve around them. It revolves around the sun.

That’s what pages 17 and 18 of the story are about: “Gravity keeps the Earth near the Sun, so that the sun can come up every morning… and go down every night.”

Mariela has a knack for explaining potentially complicated concepts to a pint-sized audience with ease.

“When you jump high up in the air you always come back down to the ground.”

My favorite part of the book? The end pages. They are a myriad of scientific tools and how they are used. A fabulous way of introducing the Erienmeyer flask to your toddler or pre-schooler. Or, yourself.

The book was recently released nationwide in bookstores and online. Stay tuned for Kindle and Apple ebooks coming in March. Whatever your reading pleasure – – hard copy or digital – – we highly encourage you to add this (cool) gem to your collection!

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Disclaimer: (cool) progeny received a complimentary review copy of Meet Einstein from JKS Communications in exchange for our honest opinion about the book. Honestly, we love it. Remember, we only share things we completely adore. So the opinions expressed in this post our 100% ours.