It’s Thursday! That means that it time to chat technology and family. Today’s discussion is hosted by my family-tech partner-in-crime Jennifer Cooper at Classic Play!, and we’re talking social media and its impact on your family values.

It’s an interesting thought: is social media bringing back our grandparents’ values? Check out this op ed piece on Mashable and see why this concept struck us.

Is Facebook just a new-age version of the travel slide show (um – did you upload photos of your latest trek to your fb page?), family bonding (keeping up with that second cousin twice removed in Omaha?), or becoming a “regular” (how often do you check in or swing by the bricks and mortar location or online real estate of your ‘liked’ businesses?).

As I said, interesting perspective.

So swing by Classic Play! and let us know your thoughts.

Technology Thursday is a joint project of Classic Play! and (cool) progeny. Each week, both blogs will be taking on a family-technology-related issue. We invite you to join the conversation!

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