It’s baaaccckkkk.

Wee Chic – A Baby Boutique has officially launched their 2011 Little Characters Search.

The Green Spring Station store has teamed up with Baltimore Style Magazine and Laura Black Photography to find a gaggle of local cuties to star in their fall and winter print ad campaigns and look book. They are looking for children ages 6 months to 8 years, chock full of personality.

{{You don’t happen to have one of those at home, do you? A kid with personality…?}}

Starting today, you can submit a color photo of your adorable cutie online through the Wee Chic website. Originality is encouraged! They want to see your amazing kiddo in all of their silly glory! In case you missed the subtlety or your second cup of coffee hasn’t kicked in, that means no pageant or professional images.

Photos will be available for viewing on Baltimore Style’s website — but this isn’t a popularity contest. {{At least not at the model selection stage!}} You don’t have to worry about your child’s photo getting enough ‘votes.’ Finalists will be selected by a panel of local celebrities later this spring. Selected children will participate in a photo shoot with Laura Black of Laura Black Photography. Wee Chic will use the photos to design several ads that then will be put to public vote. The ad with the most votes will appear in a fall edition of Baltimore Style Magazine. Not even Wee Chic will know which ad won until they open the hot-of-the-press print edition! So if your child is selected as a finalist, you’ll want to activate your social networks when it comes time to vote on the ad!

Need some inspiration? Check out our recap of the 2010 Little Characters or the 2010 Little Characters video:

(cool) tip: Want your kid to participate in a photo shoot with Laura Black regardless of whether or not they’re selected as a 2011 Little Character? Join the Wee Chic facebook group to get the 411 on Laura’s next photo mini-session day at the store. The mini-sessions are free 20 minute photography sessions with Laura and have nothing to do with the Little Character’s Search. Still, it’s the star treatment for your mini-me.