What do a Hasbro miniature Shetland pony, Apple Bottom beadazzled jeans outfit, Gymboree and Papo d’anjo have in common?

You can find all of them — gently loved and at a great price — at The Lily Pad of Towson.

With thoughts of warmer weather springing into mind, you may be pondering picking up a few new staples for your mini hipsters – – or unloading some of their gently used items. Boutique consignment may be something to consider.

Sarah Weiskittel, founder of The Lily Pad, believes the biggest difference between selling your used items through a boutique likes hers or your other options is the effort a consignor has to put into the sale. When you take your items to a regional sale or have a yard sale of your own, you have to tag your own items, schlep them, and, depending on the sale, perhaps even try to sell them yourself. The Lily Pad will handle all of that. They will price,tag, hang and sell — for you.

The price your items will obtain through a local consignment boutique will likely be much higher than what your items will net at a larger sale venue. The perceived down side? The consignor only takes 40% of the sale price when you work through a local boutique. Notice I said perceived downfall. 40% of a larger starting price most likely results in a larger cut for you, with less effort.

So what types of items does Sarah look for from consignors? Designer and brand name items.

“Some of the brands that sell the best at the Lily Pad are mini Boden, crewcuts, Lilly Pulitzer, Gap, Tea, Janie & Jack, Hanna Andersson, Eland and Gymboree,” said Sarah. “We love the French and Italian designers such as Lily Gaufrette and Papo d’anjo. We also take some gear: highchairs, Pack-N-Plays, strollers, bumbo seats, etc. We only take these items as space allows, so we ask that consignors call to see if we have room for their items before bringing them to the store.”

All consignment journeys through The Lily Pad start with an appointment. Interested consignors are asked to select thirty of their very best items, freshly laundered and laid flat (The Lily Pad uses their own hangers). It’s also recommended that the items be ironed because they’ll show better. A better show equals a better sale. The Lily Pad staff then selects the items from the consignors collection that they believe will sell. Trust them. They know their clientele.

After the item sells, the consignor receives 40% of the sale price – -and you have your choice of receiving your payment by check OR store credit.

Sarah’s favorite item that’s in the store right now? Hands down.. Butterscotch! The Hasbro FurReal Friends Shetland pony. It’s more than three feet tall – – so any little girl will feel like she’s going for a ride. She came in last week and is residing in the store window.

You never know what treasure you’ll find at a local consignment store. One of Sarah’s clients found her favorite hoodie.

Not one she fell in love with. One that had been lost.

“She pulled it off the rack and showed her Mom and said ‘look mom this looks just like my favorite hoodie that I lost at school!’ The mother looked at the hoodie and turned the tag over to find her daughter’s initials,” said Sarah. “It was the EXACT same hoodie that the girl had lost! I just smiled and said, that’s Smalltimore for you! And of course I let her take the hoodie, on the house!”

(cool) tip: Thinking about consigning but don’t know if the whole appointment process is for you? Every season, The Lily Pad runs a “Leave it and Leap” promotion. Just drop off any 15 items you’d like to sell with no appointment. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details!