Just had to share this… our friends at Certifikid have a fantastic offer up for grabs for the next 54 hours ONLY.

The oh-so-fabulous deal? $25 gets you $50 worth of yummy goodness at Little Hands Cookie Company in Randallstown. What a perfect winter play date idea!

From Certifikid’s website:

Little Hands Cookie Company, located in Randallstown, offers drop-in baking sessions where you and your little one can make up a batch of cookies using their gourmet, special recipe cookie mix! You can even have the most delicious birthday party in town! Little Hands offers drop-in baking sessions, birthday parties, field trips, and special events like tea parties and cookie parties in their store! On the calendar now – look for drop-in cupcake and pretzel-making in January, and “Hands and Hearts” cookie-making tea parties in February! Want to create that memory in your own kitchen? Stop by to pick up their tried-and-true cookie mix and baking tools to use at home!

Use your Certifikid deal toward any yummy fun that Little Hands Cookie Company offers – drop-in baking sessions, field trips, playdate baking, birthday party packages, retail items, or special event tickets!

What is Certifikid? It’s a Groupon-like company that offers deals specifically serving families. What started as DC-area phenomenon has recently expanded to Charm City. Another savvy financial trick to add to your budgeting tool kit.

We can all use all of the deals we can get, right?

So ditch the blackberry/iPhone for an hour and get to stirring in the Little Hands Kitchen. Your psyche – – and kiddo – – will thank you.