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Five fabulous bloggers. Wow. That’s tough.

There are a lot of blogs that I check in on daily for a laugh, a good read, or a good old fashioned dose of mommy-reality. But for this post, I decided to focus on the voices that impact the content you see on (cool) progeny; those bloggers whose missions, content, savoir-faire and ideologies compliment my own and therefore influence the type of content I post.

It stands to reason that if you swing by this slice of internet real estate on a daily basis, you’ll love these ladies, too. Which is why I wholeheartedly encourage you to follow them!

In no particular order…

Jennifer Cooper of Classic Play: Who better to be a creative muse than a toy maker? Jen is the founder of Ellie Bellie Kids and one of the brilliant minds behind Classic Play, a blog dedicated to helping families get back to play. Her blog is a whimsical imaginative path – you’ll find science experiments, outdoor activities, the most fantastic birthday party ideas… Seriously. Creative Muse. Her latest post? Make your own preposterous polymer. So. Much. Fun.

Julie Blacker of EtiKids: Julie is the Ms. Manners you actually WANT to be friends with. She’s got a low-key approach to teaching basic social skills to tikes — helping to make the world a friendlier place without paralyzing rules or inciting mommy riots. Love her friendly tone and polite reminders of civility. Don’t miss the Don’t Yuck My Yum post!

Liza Hawkins of (a)Musing Foodie: Liza has a foodie philosophy that oddly resembles my own: fresh, local, uncomplicated. That’s not to say her dishes — or ingredients –aren’t sophisticated. She blogs about everything from frozen slow-cooker pot roast to Lime Curry Shrimp Tacos. Um, delish? Plus, she has a 1/4 cow in her freezer. Kindred spirit. (Why yes there is a 1/4 cow in my freezer. Well, it started out as 1/4 cow. 10 months later, probably more like 1/32). Which one of her posts am I salivating over right now? Um, that would be the Spaghetti and Meatballs one. Completely homemade and goes from stack of ingredients to table in under an hour.

Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio: I am a sucker for a beautiful party – – doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 year old’s birthday party, wedding, or impromptu cocktail get-together. I love to think about every intricate detail (which drives some members of my family insane). When I was planning the Bug’s first birthday party, I scoured Kim’s blog. She has tons of great ideas! I realize that the level of planning that goes into each party featured on her post may not be feasible for us in the ‘every day,’ but a girl can dream – – right? Her recent Milk and Cookies Party post is simply gorgeous.

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom: You all know I have a thing for classic lines with a modern twist – pint sized or other. Gabrielle’s blog is both. She posts about everything from arts and crafts projects to kids’ clothing. I tend to LOVE her picks! A few fav finds from this blog? Joy Folie Shoes and Do It Yourself Snow Globes. And you’ve gotta love a mom of six who keeps her sense of humor and style.

Which blogs do you love to spend a cup of coffee with? Would love for you to share – – I’m always looking for a great read!

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