It’s amazing how life changes when you bring that new little bundle of joy home. Just ask Tara Rose, today’s parent in the know. Her adorable daughter Emma inspired her to create her own Etsy shop that specializes in hand crafted accessories, baby and toddler items: TZBurps.

It all started with burp cloths, but now Tara carries and creates an entire line of bird and owl items, too. Tara and her husband Steve live in Bel Air, and gave us the inside scoop about their favorite holiday traditions, too!

In the true spirit of giving, Tara is also giving away a custom owlet from her online store! The winner will get to choose owlet’s body color, wing color, beak color and 2 eye colors. Want to win it? Just fill out this quick form. Want a second entry? Friend TZBurps on facebook and leave a comment here letting us know you did! A third entry? It’s an easy one. Just leave a comment letting us know about your favorite item in Tara’s shop! You have until Friday, December 10th at 5:00 PM EST to enter!

Thanks, Tara, Emma and Steve for letting us know a little bit more about your family!

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Tell us the story of TZBurps. What inspired you to start creating these handmade items?
When Emma was 2 months old I had my mom show me how to sew bibs and burp cloths because we were going through them like crazy. Emma was always spitting up or drooling and
I wanted her to look cute if she had to wear a bib all day! My mom is excellent with a sewing machine and showed me how to make skirts when I was younger. So I thought if I could do that I
could do bibs!

From there I have expanded my products to meet my daughter’s requests and/or stage in her life. I went onto ribbon blankies, XL changing pads, fairy wands, hair clips, and now the newest sensation…OWLS and birds!! We moved this summer and she chose owls as her new bedroom theme. From there, I began playing around with fleece to create different owls to match her room. Now I have all sizes and shapes. I don’t use any patterns just cut and go. The best part is seeing each owl’s personality come out when they are completed. I chose fleece because I wanted to use something that would be soft and washable. Spot clean only stuffed animals drive me crazy-lets face it animals go everywhere with kids and need a bath every now and again. I also don’t use tags because they just get in the way of the soft and cuddliness. Whooo would’ve thought my daughter would have been such a trend setter. I had no idea owls were so popular. She even helps me design the owls!

Entrepreneurial moms are always juggling. So we’re curious – what’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? The last thing you do before you go to bed?
First thing? Respond to Emma by going in her room to get her or, if she comes to get me, we head to the bathroom! Last thing?Go potty! Ha ha besides that…I peep in on Emma every night before I go to bed.

If you had an entire day to do anything with Emma, what would you do?
Anything outside or with animals-we love nature, outside and animals-it is something we have in common and love doing.

Favorite holiday tradition?
Christmas-everything about it-Bel Air parade, decorating, making cookies and crafts, getting a tree, time with friends and family, lights in O.C….

What do you consider to be Maryland’s best family friendly holiday event/activity/thing to do?
We enjoy the Northside Park Holiday Lights in Ocean City.

What must-have items are on your holiday wish list?
None for me-I enjoy buying/making things for others. There is nothing that I must-have this year. I am thankful and very happy for what I already have.

Best thing about being a mom? Ok – – spill. How about the worst?
The best? Seeing myself in Emma; Seeing all the things we have in common. Enjoying them together and laughing together. Learning more about me from Emma. One thing we share is our strong will. Makes me understand why I am the way that I am sometimes!

The worst thing about being a mom? It’s exhausting. A lot of the time I don’t get any time for myself. My husband works a lot, Emma is out growing naps and is always on the go and testing limits…some days I just wanna scream!

If a children’s picture book was going to be written about your life, what would the title be?
The Crazy Animal Lady