Bridget Stickline is a local mom and fashion-forward trend predictor. Founder and owner of Wee Chic – a baby boutique in Lutherville, Bridget has an uncanny knack for picking out fun, beautifully crafted items your kiddos are sure to love. Today she shares her top ten gift items for the modern cuties in your life!

Thanks for sharing, Bridget!

1. Fuzzy Nation Purses Every little girl loves the idea of her very own sweet little dog and every little girl loves carrying a purse like her mommy…now smash those two ideas together and you have Fuzzy Nation. A line of purses shaped like our favorite micro-breeds and so full of personality that they almost pass for real (sans the shedding, barking and am walks).

2. Baby Frye Boots & Joe’s Baby Jeggings The fashionista in me cannot resist…the perfect gift combo for the baby girl that has everything.

3. Littlest Petshop I know, uber-commercial, utterly not artsy and made from brightly colored plastic, this pick breaks every rule of the independent boutique owner…but these big headed darlings enthrall my 3 year old every time she sees one. Her ever changing Santa list has one consistent item and any toy that can overcome her fickle attention span is sure to get my attention. Just promise to buy them from a locally owned toy store…..

4. Hape Kaleidoscope Puzzle This eco-conscious pick redeems me slightly for the earlier Hasbro incident. Made from bamboo with a beeswax coating and brightly colored with water based paints, this puzzle encourages kids to create patterns, mix colors and use their imagination. All the way to its recycled packaging, this toy is an earth-friendly gift for boy and girl alike.

5. Seedling Outdoor Explorer Kit Based in New Zealand, Seedling boasts an entire line of activity sets to encourage interactive play and creativity. My fav is the Outdoor kit. A bit old for my little one but perfect for the Bindi Sue in your family. I love the sketch book and nature journal that encourages attention to detail and appreciation for the outside world.

6. Short Hat This quirky hat line is another great gift for boys and girls. Styles are available for infants to toddlers and come packed with lots of attitude. Great for cold days or just adding a little funk to an outfit.

7. Architectural Alphabet Art I love this gift for so many applications. Great for weddings, births, anniversaries and holidays. Spell any word or name from 3-11 letters using images of architecture that looks like a letter. Once matted and framed the architecture spells out the child’s name, favorite sport, or special nickname. Bonus…Wee Chic’s version of word art is complied of images taken around the Disney World parks and resorts in Florida. Each frame comes with a detail so the child can go find his or her letters when they visit Disney.

8. Bebe Ravi Sweaters Former fashion model, Siamanda Chege founded her children’s sweater line, Bebe Ravi (babys delight) after seeing the social conditions in her homeland of Kenya. Her beautiful sweaters are produced by women in Nakuru, Kenya many of whom are widowed by the AIDS epidemic. Chege also donations a portion of the company profits to support an orphanage that she founded and named for her late father. Mix that with killer cute sweaters and accessories and you can truly give back when you give.

9. Inkubook Kids Art Gallery I have one child, in preschool…how is it possible that I already have a box full of artwork and no idea what to do with it? I know when she heads off to college I will be sad that I let my husband talk me into throwing away these first creative expressions. What to do? Make a coffee table book out of the artwork with Inkubook. Scan in the art and design your own hardcover book online. Immortalized without the it.

10. Kidsonroof Totem Tree I love when art and play collide. Using leaf shaped recycled bits you can erect this crafty tree with your budding artist and make it your very own. Fabulous as room décor and a great chance to talk about all the ways that trees support life and the importance of conservation.

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