Get ready… we’ve brought together some local experts and have a full week of fun gift ideas for everyone on your list! We’re kicking off a week of top tens with gifts for the modern on-the-go family. We’re all feeling a financial pinch this season, so rather than buy for individuals, why not buy something your sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew can enjoy together? 1. French Bull Picnic Tote: Yeah, we know. Picnic weather seems eons away with temperatures just getting above freezing right now. But how adorable is this modern picnic tote? Comes complete with everything for a kiddie blanket soiree to a wine escape for two. We love the bold colors and mod patterns. Find it on Amazon for $116 (that’s $34 less than the French Bull website).

2. Pinhole Press Personalized Photo Calendar: Make it easy for them to toss the insurance company annual calendar by creating a personalized calendar filled with family images. We love the sleek look of Pinhole Press’ wall calendar. Or give them a gift certificate so they can create their own! Prices start at $28.

3. Zuko Quick Popsicle Maker: This fun little gadget is available from Williams Sonoma and makes creating fun & healthy frozen treats a cinch. The whole family will want to get in on the action.

4. The Night Before Christmas Kit: Red Envelope has a handy (and affordable!) gift for your neighborhood family (with whom you’re always shuffling car pool and play dates!). The Night Before Christmas Kit comes complete with the classic poem, cookies and family games. This kit will run you just about $20. We have it on good authority that Red Envelope is running a 15% discount today…

5. Walrooz Connectable Sleds: It’s beginning to feel a lot like SNOW! These funky little sleds are built for toddlers and connect with larger sleds that fit adults. Apparently, the more sleds you connect, the faster you’ll go. The best part? Sleds are just $8 from

6. Handprint Canvas Kit: How wonderful will their wall look with these handprints? Give them this family activity kit that lets them make their own memory. Part sentiment, part (cool) decor this kit will please any hard to buy for mom or dad… About $40 from Red Envelope.

7. Whatchama draw it game: The aMuse Toys blog had a post about this little number about a week ago, so we stopped by and checked it out last weekend. So much fun! From the aMuse blog: [the game] comes with a timer and 110 colorful, silly prompt cards to get your creative juices flowing. Like Pictionary, its primary focus is drawing. WhatchamaDRAWit, however, takes creativity 10 steps further and allows for hours of open-ended play. You guessed it! You can pick this up at either aMuse location (Fells Point or Quarry Lake).

8. Netflix Gift Subscription: While it’s not a new creative idea, a Netflix gift subscription a great one. Netflix is offering a low-cost streaming-only subscription beginning in January. A gift subscription will let them stream old Blue’s Clues episodes to their computer or television (through appropriate device) or the latest hit for an at-home date night.

9. Blue Avocado Grocery Bag System: Who doesn’t want to be fashionable while shopping in the veggie aisle? This durable lightweight grocery bag system easily fits in a purse or backseat car organizer. The system includes totes, ventilated produce bags, and insulated bags that keep food hot OR cold! Several options and styles to choose from. This gift will run anywhere between $30 – $80, depending on which size system you select.

10. Vonny Casserole Carrier: Make sure your neighbor is stylish at the next progressive dinner. This delicious tote will keep dishes warm or cold… and makes a fabulous fashion statement for about $40!

Stay tuned for more gifts tomorrow from one of our local expert guest bloggers!