Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We’re getting some much needed family R&R; this week. In the middle of the holiday bustle, we also had some sadness (see post from December 20th)– so we’re taking the week off. But we couldn’t the last week of 2010 blank. So enjoy some of our favorite posts from the past six months (yepp – – ladies and gents, we are six months young and looking forward to a FABULOUS 2011!).
Up first? Some hard truths about my photo addiction coupled with great ideas for things to do with those gorgeous holiday shots you’ve been nabbing! Titled (cool) design: I’ve got these great photos…, this post originally appeared on October 10, 2010.
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Hi. My name is Heather. And I’m a photoholic.

First step is admitting it, right?

My husband brought a Nikon D40 SLR into our marriage two years ago. I use it exponentially more than he does at this point in our lives. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing, but the camera seems to compensate for that.
The photos are gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as they’d be if I had a clue how to set my F-Stops. But beautiful nonetheless. Of course, it helps when you have a great subject — like the Bug.
I’ve accumulated thousands of pictures. Some leave something to be desired. Others are simply magical. And those bits of magic are collecting dust on my iMac’s hard drive. I’m guessing you probably have some of those favorite photos taking up space on your hard drive, too. Occupational hazard of parenting in the digital age.
So today’s post is a collection of things you might want to consider doing with those fabulous photos. Wouldn’t you rather have them proudly displayed on your wall or taking up real estate on your desk, anyway? (Let’s face it. A photo of your adorable cutie would look a lot better than that stack of to-dos…).
This Washington DC-based company takes your photo and creates a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind original modern art piece. I had the privilege of seeing one of these gorgeous works of art on the wall of fellow-blogger Jill Smokler’s (AKA ScaryMommy) house. Simply stunning. Pricing is based on the number of colors you’d like used and the size of the final product, and range from $165 to $665. Follow Modern Bird on Twitter to keep up with the crazy antics of the fabulous husband and wife team (Gregg and Megan) that run the studio, and to be notified of current giveaways. Check out the Modern Bird Blog to read about design inspirations and weekly interviews with bloggers.
Have a favorite quote? Does your child have a favorite story, song or poem? Match it with one of your fab photos and send it to Stephanie at Geezees Custom Canvas Art to have a custom canvas created for you! Prices are based on size of the canvas, and range from $125 – $300. Be sure to head over to Stephanie’s blog to see what she’s currently working on or musing about!

I {{heart}} Kodak for photo printing. I just request that iPhoto send my photos to print, my .me account is charged and they show up 7-10 days later. And waiting is worth it! There is such a difference in quality between photos I have sent out for printing and those I cybersend to my local Walgreens for printing. Regardless of the quality or where I send them, I inevitably end up with a stack of photos stuffed in a drawer. But I am inspired by this display idea from Janna Beecher’s photoblog (which originally came from Domino Magazine)! Simple natural Ikea-like frames and 5X7 or 4X6 images displayed symmetrically makes a beautiful statement! Double bonus? If they are all lined up like this, no worries about having to painstakingly plot out your multi-photo wall display.
The Coffee Table Book
There are lots of options for creating a coffee table photobook. iPhoto has pre-designed layouts, Snapfish or Mixbook are other options. But did you know Charm City has it’s very own photobook layout available through Jostens? Personalize the cityscapes with family photos and you have a charming, unique keepsake. Pricing depends on the number of pages in your book – – so be prepared to spend at least $35… More like $50 if you’re me…

Nursery Wall Art
I admit it. I’m an Etsy addict. Isn’t this Pear Tree Wall Art with photos just too adorable? Created by Karen Yi at Almost Sunday Designs, this little number would liven up any child’s room! It’s whimsicality sings. And at $38, this is a steal! (Anyone headed to visit a new baby? Perfect gift.)

Shadow Box
Now, I’ve seen lots of different ways shadow boxes have been used to preserve memories and keepsakes, but this glass pebble collage from le papier jolie is too (cool). Made of up 35 photos, this is sure to be conversation starter – – and memory catcher. $50 and 35 digital photos gets you one!

Family Tree
I found this photo family tree wall art on the Jack and Izzy blog — although I believe it originally came from an Etsy site. I love the modern vibe and sleek look, with the black and white photos juxtaposed against the green of the tree. Wouldn’t this look fabulous on your family room wall?

How are you displaying your fav photos? Would LOVE to hear your ideas!