Remember dressing up in your mom’s 70s-era strappy sun dresses and heels, pretending to strut down the runway? Although you had to do some pretty extensive imaginative alterations, you could just picture how fabulous you’d look if only the dress came in your size. Alas, you had to wait until you were a ‘grown up.’

What does ‘big girl’ style look like in a pint sized package?

You can find out next week when Saurette Kids designer Lisa Kanouse makes an appearance at Wee Chic- A Baby Boutique. Known for catering to the twirly girl, Saurette’s frilly designs feature ultra feminine embroidery, hand beading and unique trims. Gilt Group describes Saurette’s line as ‘contemporary with a vintage touch’ and ‘an aesthetic that resembles an Anthropologie shoot for the toddler set.’ Simply mah-va-lous for the frilly, bohemian whirly girl in your life.

Wee Chic will have Saurette’s holiday looks in stock (sizes 2-10), you’ll be able to preview their spring collection and hob nob with the designer who brings feminine whimsicality and big-girl style to the everyday girly girl. Lisa will be there from 11 AM – 7 PM on Friday, November 12. Feel free to RSVP through Wee Chic’s Facebook page and see some online photos of the collection!