Public Service Announcement: It’s October 8th. 23 more days until Halloween. Do you know what your cutie is going to be?

If the sea of plasticky Doras and acrylic princess dresses at your local Wal Mart is simultaneously over and underwhelming, cos-tutus by Happy Cakes Creations are a spooktacular alternative! Designed by Leslie Struzinski, the costume collection is both chic and practical. Personally, I love Leslie’s modern take on the littlest witch. Who ghould be scared of such a sweet little thing? The fun ‘n funky cowgirl is a costume that easily transitions from trick or treat to the playroom. It should come as no surprise to you that the lil ladybug is a favorite, too.

Not only are these costumes well crafted and adorable (Lila was a Jack-o-Cutie last year), they are easily layered for a chilly night of candy collecting. And the embellished beanies? Tres magnifique. Plus the hats pull double duty; Halloween night to your next apple picking.

You may remember Leslie’s custom rainbow creation that the Bug sported at Wee Chic’s Little Character event a few weeks ago. A definite crowd pleaser. In a sea of little girls dressed in pink and purple, our rainbow brite was easy to spot. Another great thing about Leslie and Happy Cakes. She’s 100% amenable to custom orders – – just tell her what you need! Be sure to check out her celebrations line if you have an occasion coming up that wouldn’t be complete without a special tutu.

For the full collection of costutus (yes, there are more!) and other things that will make you smile, visit the Happy Cakes Creations Website. And don’t forget to tell Leslie that (cool) progeny sent you!