Halloween costume advice from a toddler, for a toddler:

1. All costumes must be tried on in advance and get the great grandma seal of approval. From ALL of your great grandmas. And grandmas. Be advised – – there will be picture taking, followed by oohs, ahhs, and an occasional squeeze. If any of your great grandmas can’t see your costume in person, you must send a photograph. A smiley one.

2. Tutus ‘whoosh’ when you walk. You get used to it.

3. Comfortable shoes are necessary. It’s preferable that your costume go with fuzzy purple light-up slippers. Comfy and uber-fabulous. Note: fluffy purple slippers will not work for trick-or-treating in the rain. You must have cute boots as a back-up. Hello Kitty rain boots will work well, too.

4. Wheels are important. You will get tired walking around everywhere. Princess cars go with all ensembles. The little red wagon will work in a pinch. That might be better actually. Because then your mom or dad will pull you.

5. Hats and headbands are not for everyone. That’s ok. You might have to throw two or three temper tantrums to get your parents to understand this. But they will get the idea. Be prepared to take a few grouchy photos before the hat or headband disappears for good.