The rain may have kept some folks from completing the entire walking tour, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of art lovers attending the JLP Gallery at Green Spring Station’s Sculpture at the Station launch party tonight! And the Bug and I were among the culture-seekers.

Genesis, the year-long sculpture exhibition at the Station, features the work of the artists of Sculptors Incorporated. 23 pieces make up the exhibit – – 7 large, outdoor sculptures that will be part of the Station landscape for eleven months, and 16 pieces displayed within the open interior of the shopping area for the next six months. New work showings are being planned for every eight to twelve months.

The rain prevented us from enjoying the large, outdoor sculptures (and quite frankly, the pieces that I think Lila would most enjoy). That said, as we walked through the Station, the Bug would frequently point to the art work and exclaim “Ahhhh…..”

Now, you may be scratching your head and wondering why in the world I took an almost-15-month-old to a gallery reception and fine art exhibit launch. Simple: art is an integral part of every day life. Just like we all expose our kids to literature (how many times did you read with your child today?), it’s important to expose children to the universal language of art and to build their appreciation of individuality, beauty, and their personal visual dictionary.

Art neophytes, fear not.

Ironically, experts believe that when it comes to art appreciation and young children, the less said the richer the experience. So it didn’t matter that I myself am a sculpture novice; merely walking Lila around and introducing her to the art allowed her to truly discover something new without me projecting my ideas, opinions or prior knowledge. And let’s face it – – as a parent, that’s something that is really difficult to do!

So grab the kiddos and take a free stroll around the station the next time you find yourself with a free afternoon. Top off your visit with a culinary pièce de résistance at The Nut Farm and Creamery (who can say no to ice cream?) or lunch at Stone Mill Bakery. Perfection.