Did you know today is Grandparents Day? No – – it’s not a Hallmark holiday. 31 years ago, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation making September 12th the official day for US residents to celebrate their grandparents. So be sure to show your own grandparents the love – – and the grandparents of your ultra (cool) progeny.

Oops — did you forget to go out and buy a card? No worries! Try one of these quick and easy ways to show you care:

  • Virtual Play date: It’s the upgraded telephone call! Have your little one videoconference with their grandparents using your home computer, a web cam and free skype software or gchat software. Both are quick and easy to download and install. Your kiddo can show off a painting or afternoon craft project, or “read” their grandparents a story. Skype even allows you to record the session (and who wouldn’t want to do that??)
  • Video Email: Using your webcam and video software you already have installed on your computer (we LOVE photobooth or iMovie on the mac!), record your munchkin telling their favorite grandma or grandpa story — then ‘share’ the video via email.
  • Cookies: If your lucky to live close enough to Nana or Papa, whip up a batch of Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal cookies, and wrap ’em up with a handmade tag created “with love” by your tyke.
  • Purchase a Picture Subscription: You may have missed our post about Picwing, but we love this service. Each month, I upload 15 photos to an online album, and Picwing automatically prints and sends the images to all of Lila’s great grandparents. So if you have some not-so-tech-savvy grandparents in your life, they’ll love getting snail mail images each month! Purchase a subscription and then phone Grammy to let her in on the good news.
  • One-of-a-Kind Artwork: Break out the crayons, paint or colored pencils and let your little one draw their grandparents. Then have them dictate a favorite memory to you as you type it on the computer. Print and attach to the back. Fold up the card and place it in the mail… but call to let them know it’s coming! Extend the Grandparents’ Day celebration all week!

(cool) fact: According to AARP, 4.5 million children are being raised in households headed by grandparents