I love how (cool) progeny contributors and other parent bloggers inspire us! Last month, (cool) contributor Monica suggested that introducing young children/toddlers to natural objects like sticks and leaves is a great way to bond. Then I stumbled upon a fabulous post by MaryLea over at Pink and Green Mama about Found Object Printmaking.

Well, why not combine the two? Hence today’s post.

The Bug and I took a trek through our tiny backyard gathering leaves, sticks, rocks, feathers and anything else that had an interesting texture or appealed to Lila’s curiosity. Then I pulled out the fall-colored non-toxic paints and let her go to town.

What started as printmaking ended up as finger painting. But boy did the Bug have a good time!

I made one mistake though. I thought confining Lila to the high chair would help contain the mess… instead, she mistook the paint for food. Took a few minutes to straighten that fiasco out…

What fall craft are you contemplating with your toddler?