Oregon Ridge Playground may be one the best-kept secrets around.

Oops. We just spilled it!
This quiet getaway in the Cockeysville/Hunt Valley area has a completely rubber play surface. Not rubber mulch, but rubber surface. (So no, no worries about the rubber mulch controversy here… we’re not weighing in, just alerting you that there is one). The Bug literally bounced when she fell off her feet. And then bounced right back up.
The playground space itself is expansive. Towers. Bridges. Rock climbing. Slides. LOTS of slides. Swings. Cars. Monkey bars. One of those playgrounds you wish was in your background!
Even better? The climbing equipment is adult friendly. You can run all over with your toddler and not worry about squeezing through any toddler-sized tunnels.
A few sturdy, covered picnic tables surround one side of the playground. Perfect for snacks or catching up with a friend over coffee while your tikes get some exercise.
The playground is located on the Oregon Ridge complex next to the Lodge (think Oregon Ridge Dinner Theater). Tons of trails and open space. Kickball, anyone?
There is one negative: I didn’t see a restroom anywhere. I’m sure there is one close by, but I have no idea where it is. So keep that in mind if you’re planning an outing.
Oregon Ridge also has a nature center and beach (small fee for beach access) for sand exploration and swimming. We haven’t tried that out yet – – but would LOVE to hear about your experiences!