We have a soft spot for Kneebouncers. The online website and iPhone apps have been a sanity-saver and phenomenal edutainment for our 13 month old. The free learning apps are amazing. Lila loves playing them on our iMac, iPhone or iPad. (Yes, we are the iParents).

And we’re THRILLED they’ve been nominated for a SheKnows Parenting Award for Best Entertainment Website for Kids! But they need your help to win.

We don’t care if you’re a democrat, republican, tea party, independent, locavore, carnivore, vegan, environmentalist, or whatever. If you have a passion for great learning opportunities and the companies that create them, VOTE. Just head over to SheKnows, register (all you need is an email address – – and there is no verification email process to worry about), and VOTE.

Kneebouncers, a love-sweat-tears-donation run enterprise developed by Jim Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth (the creative forces behind Punch), is nominated amongst well-funded edutainment industry heavy hitters: NeoPets, Webkinz, Sprout Online, and 50 Simple Kids.

Although we frequent the other websites too, we’re definitely routing for a David-meets-Goliath-type upset!

What is SheKnows? A multi-million dollar enterprise that receives more than 18 million unique visitors each month across its family of websites. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company has grown to include a bustling, professional staff of 45+ employees and well over 100 freelancers and contractors worldwide. From their website: “The SheKnows community — including their content contributors, bloggers and message board members — is a rich tapestry of lives, experiences and personalities. Many among us are credentialed professionals, recognized experts and published authors. Others are simply the credible, wise voices of hard-earned experience.”

Pretty (cool). Congrats, Kneebouncers! We’re routing (and voting!) for you.

Vote early. Vote often.