So flattered to be nominated by SimpleGirl at InspirationsbyD and Janelle from Sweet Tea and Giggles for the Versatile Blogger award! We love SimpleGirl’s blog design and gorgeous decorative glass magnets and push pins available from her Etsy shop!! I noticed a beautiful new butterfly pendant necklace design on her blog today… seriously coveting! Janelle has a fun, whimsical blog and is the mompreneur behind Pink Hippo Boutique. Super fun party goods! (Wish we had known about this site when planning Lila’s Ladybug Picnic Birthday Party!)

So thank you SimpleGirl and Janelle for your nominations! We love reading your blogs and are encouraging everyone to grab a cup of coffee and “sit down” with you for an hour!

Now down to business. In order to accept the award, we’re supposed to thank the person who nominated us (thanks again SimpleGirl and Janelle!), share seven things about ourselves and then nominate 15 other newly discovered blogs. We’ve been meaning to do a blog roll – – so what a wonderful excuse to share! We HIGHLY recommend the fabulous blogs we’re about to unveil…

Seven things about us…

  • We are Heather and Pat; twenty-somethings that met in Barcelona while studying in Italy, did the long-distance relationship thing between many different US cities for four years, and got married two years ago.
  • Heather is currently filling out paperwork to be a new contributor for Smartly. Really excited.
  • We both have an unnatural passion for chocolate ice cream with gummy bears.
  • We put an offer in on the house we’re currently living in before we saw the place in person. Really gutsy or downright stupid? Two years later, we still love the place!
  • Our house currently smells like freshly baked zucchini bread and lavender baby soap.
  • Heather takes most of the photos for the blog with a fabulous Nikon D50 camera. She always has it on the automatic setting because she has no idea how to work it. Pat took all the photo classes!
  • We’re currently searching for a fabulous front porch swing. Suggestions?

And now for the 15 blogs we think everyone that loves (cool) progeny should know about! In no particular order:

  • EtiKids: Julie blogs about how to teach social skills to young children. Another city girl (although she lives in NYC!), we love her frankness and common sense advice with a twist of fun.
  • DesignMom: Gabriel blogs about the intersection of design and motherhood. Love her finds! Have fallen in love with the PajamaSutra jammies she talked about last week… Fun, beautiful ideas.
  • Lil Blu Dragonfly: Jennie takes gorgeous photographs! Love her sense of humor and candor. Met her through Twitter and she’s agreed to work with me on an upcoming family project. So excited.
  • KidBaltimore: Joyce is another Baltimore-area mom who blogs about fun things to do in Baltimore with her trio of adorable kids.
  • (a) Musing Foodie: Liza has a fantastically fabulous cooking blog. She seems to subscribe to our same fresh food philosophy. Check out the peach cobbler pancakes… YUM.
  • SportyMamaSays: Fresh, candid and funny, SportyMama Says has a mamahood writing style that will keep you scrolling for more. Plus she gave me the brilliant idea of Mexican Food and Mojitos when I was bummed we couldn’t make the wine festival…
  • The Mommy Blog: MommyBrain: Heather has been reading Jen’s blog since Lila was born. Lila and Jane are really close in age. Her meandering stream of conscious posts are the best!
  • My Bottle’s Up: Funny Mom Blogger (and fellow Marylander) Nicole serves up a bit of crazy on her blog – – you won’t want to miss this talented writer’s musings!
  • Mom In a Million: Heather’s every day coffee break blog. She ALWAYS laughs. Hard. And she always agrees with Rebekah, too. To be that funny…
  • Land of Bean: Another Baltimore Mama blog. Could Sophie Bean be any cuter? And Cara always has great stuff to talk about!
  • Buried with Children: Love Jen’s tweets just as much as her blog! Her parenting style matches a lot of our thoughts too. It’s (real). It’s (authentic). And it’s (funny).
  • Barely Mommy: Can’t get enough of Echo’s gorgeous photos!
  • One Little Mister: Nicole has a knack for bringing bloggers together through her hops! Great info, too!
  • Mungee and Me: Adventures of a 30-something-first-time-mom. Love the variation on her posts! Have you read the Ode to Chonkers? Really cute!
  • Alabaster Cow: Just found this today. Seriously cracks me up. Ericka is the kinda quirky you just have to adore! New daily read.
  • The Paper Mama. Fun, funky, fabulous paper crafts. Chelsea is the kind of mom crafter I (Heather) aspire to be…

Yes. I can count. There are 16. Couldn’t pick! What’s your every day, must read blog? (Besides (cool) progeny, of course!! :0))