Amie Christine Voith knows how to juggle. As Special Assistant to the Vice President for Administration and Finance and CFO at Towson University, Amie is no stranger to keeping multiple balls up in the air. This self-proclaimed deal seeker and expectant mommy has a penchant for scouring the internet for bargains. She turned that mild obsession into a great new resource site for Baltimore area parents: Daily Baltimore Deals for Moms, Babies and Kids!

This Facebook-based blog provides the inside scoop on deals for chic yet thrifty moms raising little ones in Baltimore. After the great response she’s gotten on Facebook, plans are in the works to expand the web presence.

Amie was a little bit nervous about being interviewed for (cool) progeny’s “Parent in the Know” series since she and her boyfriend, Todd (a productivity training consultant), are expecting their first in January. She wasn’t sure if “expecting” qualified her as a parent. Our response? Did you swap cocktails for mocktails? Did you stock up on healthy food? Have your sleeping patterns taken a hit? Then you are DEFINITELY a parent!

And c’mon. Amie is most definitely in the know!

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What’s the story behind Daily Baltimore Deals for Moms, Kids, and Babies? How did it come to be?
I’ve always been a deal seeker. On any given day, 95% of my outfit was bought on sale. If it wasn’t, I received it as a gift! The same goes for the furniture and decorations in my house, as well as what I do in my free time. And this doesn’t translate into shopping exclusively at Walmart or sitting around at home all weekend! So it was natural to me when I got pregnant to extend this shopping philosophy to motherhood. There are so many amazing deals available in Baltimore and online that I thought, why not spread the love? My idea is to share deals with moms so that they and their families can live vibrant, modern lifestyles without breaking the bank. I truly believe you can be chic, stylish, and have fun all while being budget-conscious. Hence, Daily Baltimore Deals for Moms, Kids, and Babies was born! As we grow, our future focus will be on local mom and pop and green businesses.

How do you go about searching for the deals?
Internet searches, word of mouth, local print publications, recommendations from moms. We’re in the process of forging partnerships with local businesses to offer deals EXCLUSIVELY available only to fans of Daily Baltimore Deals. Fans are welcome to email me at [email protected] with tip-offs on great deals or requests for what they’d like to see featured in the future.

Congrats on your pending new arrival!! What’s surprised you the most about preparing for your little one’s debut?
The sheer amount of STUFF that has to be purchased! From strollers, to nursing bras, to monitors and everything in between, it can get a bit overwhelming! But hopefully when I’m searching for the best value for my money for all of these products, I’ll come across some tips and deals to share with other moms along the way. This perfectly translates to Daily Baltimore Deals.

What three items would be on your dream baby registry list?
Right now the Taga bike that converts into a stroller is at the top of my wish list. It’s European-designed and just starting to catch on in the U.S. I love to get out and about the Taga would be a great way for me to stay active with a little one. I’m also coveting Nest’s Mercer diaper bag. The combination of suede and patent leather will be chic this winter when my baby’s due. Of course both of these items come with hefty price tags, so I won’t be purchasing them unless they go on sale! A final dream item, and a more sentimental one, is a handcrafted piece for the baby made by my late grandfather–perhaps a bookshelf or cradle. Pop Pop, who was an architect, passed away last year and more than anything I wish he would be around to meet his first great-grandchild!

I’m a huge believer in mocktails or mommytails. Virgin mojitos got me through my pregnancy! (Must have been the ginger and fizz!) What’s your fav mocktail?
My favorite drink for a night on the town is a simple one: club soda with lime. The trick for me to making it feel special is asking for it in a nice stemware or rocks glass. This gives me the illusion of sipping a cocktail, while following doctor’s orders and saving some major calories!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve craved during your pregnancy?
During my first trimester, there was one week where I ate a caesar salad for lunch every day, and then some days went home and also had a side caesar with my dinner.

What post-pregnancy clothing store are you hitting up come February?
As I mentioned before, my philosophy for kid/baby shopping holds true when shopping for myself . . . buy quality, designer items but only buy them if they’re on sale or offered through a special deal. Pair these items with cheap apparel from stores like Old Navy to stay stylish without breaking the bank. I’m probably keeping flash sale sites like Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, and Ideeli in business! These three are my favorite.

And in that same vein – – what maternity clothing store should you have bought stock in because you’ve bought so much there? What clothing item is your fav?
I’m just now starting to show, so I haven’t made too many maternity purchases yet. Today I’m wearing a jersey dress from Pea in the Pod that was on clearance and then I took advantage of an extra 15% off coupon. I think it ended up being only $15!

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing about working at Towson is the family-like atmosphere. I’ve received so much support from my co-workers and boss on the impending arrival of my baby. We also have wonderful benefits which will give me lots of flexibility in caring for the baby in the future.

The best thing about writing Daily Baltimore Deals is providing moms with unique budget-conscious experiences and opportunities that allow them to live vibrant, modern lives. Baltimore has so much to offer, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to take advantage of that–or for you and your kids to look good doing it!

How do you and your partner plan to balance parenting responsibilities?
We are fortunate in that Todd works from home, so he likely will care for the baby at least a couple days a week when I return to work. I also have family nearby, and my parents have already graciously offered to give us nights out on the town (and mornings to sleep in!) after the baby’s arrival. I’m thankful for all of the
support I have.

What place can you NOT WAIT to take your tot to when s/he is old enough?
There’s so many places! But one thing that stands out is Todd and I pretty regularly envision what it will be like to visit the Maryland Zoo on a beautiful spring day with toddler in tow. There’s nothing better than seeing the awe in children’s eyes as they discover something new for the first time. I’m excited to be reawakened to all of the magic in the world. (Definitely check out our post on picnicking with the giraffes at the Maryland Zoo!)

What children’s book is on your nursery room bookshelf?
I have fond memories of my mom and grandmother reading to me as a child. Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman was always one of my favorites, and I plan to share this with my child, as well.

Speaking of nurseries, describe yours! Theme? Color scheme? Best accessory?
We’re keeping it gender-neutral with crisp, modern colors like celery green accented with periwinkle blue and white. We have a beautiful sleigh style crib in dark wood that my aunt is passing down to us. I just bought an awesome wall applique on Hautelook (at 50% off!) of a tree with birds that will be the focal point of the room, arching over the crib.

What are you most looking forward to as a new mom?
It’s nothing spectacular, but I can’t wait to have my little bundle fall asleep, safe and content, in my arms.

If a movie was made about your life TODAY, what would be the lead song on the soundtrack?
“The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!”

Thanks for sharing, Amie! Be sure to check out Daily Baltimore Deals for Moms, Kids and Babies on Facebook! Don’t forget to tell Amie that (cool) progeny sent you.