Should I care that my daughter has her own shoe design at the age of 1?

Nah. And your tot can, too!

Check out these custom-painted shoes – – created specially for the Lila Bug. We love the caterpillar metamorphosis design. On the outside of the shoe is the caterpillar, and on the inside is half a butterfly. Put the soles of the feet together and you have a beautiful butterfly. Practical meets fun meets fabulous toddler design.

Side note: Lila’s favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

So where do you get these fabulous kicks? From Romper Stompers, the ultra-hip idea from John Rizor. For $60 and a pair of white leather shoes, you too can have a custom footwear designed. Favorite team logo? Name? Specific color-combo? Whatever you need – – John can hook you up.

It’s our understanding that the Bug’s shoes were John’s smallest shoe artventure. Obviously he was up for the challenge and quite frankly, nailed it. Fantastic attention to detail and, as I mentioned before, the design theme is oh-so-toddler chic.

Romper Stompers is an emerging, part-time venture for John. His day job? Part owner of Ballista Magazine. Focusing on a hallmark of the design profession, competitions, Ballista Magazine is a platform showcasing young firms and designers with hopes of bridging the gap between the industry and young professionals. So not only is John talented, but he’s helping promote the talents of others. Pretty (cool).

In the spirit of full disclosure, John is the brother of a family friend and the shoes were a gift from Lila’s Aunt Casey.

Want to nab a pair of custom kicks for your fashionable tot? Drop John a line at john.rizor AT

What’s your favorite personalized toddler accessory?