Got the phenomenal idea to paint with bubble wrap while attending Bubble Days at the Maryland Science Center two weeks ago (check out our event recap and other fabulous bubble-related ideas!). Monday was one of those gooey rainy days that kept us off the playground, so I thought a little painting might be in order.

The Bug was in color-coated heaven.

Thankfully, crayola washable non-toxic paints really ARE washable. Despite covering a large area of our front porch with plastic, there were some very curious pink and blue little footprints in obscure places… Rinsed right off.

Materials for this project were pretty simple: a variety of washable paints, small aluminum trays, plastic, packaging or duct tape, large sheets of white paper, bubble wrap, and a pint-sized smock (Lila’s wearing a Little Tikes smock).

As you can see, clothing is really optional. I figure it’s a personal choice. I chose to keep my clothes on. As you can see, Lila chose not to. As her launderer, I’m 100% comfortable and even endorse this choice.

Simply tape down the plastic to the ground and tape the paper to the plastic. Make sure there is a pretty good area of plastic around the paper. Pour small amounts of the different paints into an aluminum tray. Cut the bubble wrap into easily ‘grabable’ pieces. Smock your tot and let them go to town! NOTE: While painting with bubble wrap may be the general idea, other extremities will be involved when painting with a 13 month old. Expect hands, feet, fingers, and even noses will get in on the action.

There is one serious requirement for this activity. I can’t stress its importance enough. DO NOT attempt this toddler craft project unless…

You have a sense of humor.