Subtitle: Champagne brunch at Gertrude’s at the Baltimore Museum of Art!

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Toddler? White linen? Stemware? Has your mind disintegrated into this 102 degree humidity?

Maybe. But hear me out.

If your house is anything like ours, you’ve replaced all that beautiful china you got at your wedding with poolside friendly tumblers from Ikea or Target (because even those aren’t guaranteed to remain intact). Toddler feeding time looks something like this, usually ending in scraping yogurt off of the ceiling. And maybe you miss the mid-week cocktail get together since it’s been replaced by the bath time-book-bottle ritual?

You can have still have your “civilized” society fix with your toddler in tow. Just head over to Gertrude’s for their fabulous Sunday brunch. Seasonal food, locally-grown, usually organic-ingredient comfort favorites with an upscale twist. My favorite dish? Crab quiche and a side salad. Lila loves it, too.

Here’s the catch. Gertrude’s has a beautiful outdoor seating area adjacent to the BMA’s Sculpture Garden. No cavernous reverberation if your toddler lets out a yelp. Plenty of waterfalls and spectacles to keep them entertained while waiting for your chilled spritzer and juice (notice Lila’s face in the photo?). And the staff is wonderfully amenable and sensitive to the needs of kids.

Did we mention the food is delicious? And plentiful? And uses organic, locally grown ingredients wherever possible? Reiterating the organic. While you can order off of the kids menu (standard kids menu fare – – quesadillas, chicken fingers, hot dogs, and fresh fruit bowl), you and your significant other could split your meals with your tike and order them some fruit on the side. As I mentioned before, Lila is a big fan of the crab quiche. Your favorite Chesapeake Bay inspired favorites are definitely on the menu. Introduce them to your kids!

As part of the BMA complex, Gertrude’s uses the facility restroom space. Completely equipped for diaper changing and stroller friendly.

Another perk? The BMA is FREE. Extend your culture indulgence with a little art intake before naptime. (Does art intake induce lengthy toddler naps? Double bonus. Brunch. Art. Time for a little quality time with a novel on the couch or on the patio. Score.)

So grab your tike. Have a real champagne glass. See some art. Let us know how it goes!

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