I can’t say enough good things about Green Healthy Cleaning Services. Not just because they are our first blog sponsor – – but because we’ve been using their services for a year. Maria, the company principal, has become family.

We first hired Green Healthy Cleaning Services when I was about eight and half months pregnant and no longer felt like cleaning our jacuzzi tub. Well, no longer able to clean the tub is probably more accurate. This wasn’t an easy decision for us. First of all, we have a limited income. Did we really want to spend money on a service when we are perfectly able to clean our own home? And second of all, we’re pretty private people. When you hire a cleaning service, you’re literally inviting someone to come in and view your dirty laundry (pun intended!). Ultimately, we decided that with both of us working full time and a baby on the way, it would be well worth it.

We were right.

We had several companies/individuals bid the service. I’m not sure if you’ve ever ‘interviewed’ potential cleaning services before, but some of the individuals who showed up at our front door left something to be desired (I firmly believe you should not show up in a filthy white, sheer tank top and torn shorts if you expect someone to take you seriously…). Maria was not only professional and punctual, but truly refreshing. She was honest, funny and we hit it off immediately. Her price was certainly fair, and roughly 20% below our median bid. We hired her company the next day.

Here’s why we love their service:

  • Maria has really become a wonderful friend. You won’t find anyone more trustworthy or caring. Even though she has a key so her company can clean when we’re not home, I try to be home when she arrives so we can catch up for a few minutes.
  • Their products are Green Seal Certified, which protects all of us and two small dogs potentially dangerous commercial chemicals. This is particularly appealing because Lila is still crawling and everywhere. Their vacuums are CRI Certified, with HEPA filters.
  • If you haven’t guessed it by now, they supply all of their own cleaning products. No worries if we don’t have glass cleaner. Come to think of it, the bottle we have is probably the same bottle we owned when we hired the service.
  • If they don’t have a product that takes care of a cleaning need, they will find it and bring it with them the next time. After we got home from the hospital with Lila, we had a sea of visitors – – all of whom were kind enough to “help.” Someone cleaned our stainless steel fridge with glass cleaner. Eek! Definitely stained. Maria tried several products (over several weeks) until one finally worked.
  • They put up with our two adorable, but oftentimes pesty, dogs.
  • We spend our weekends and time off with family and friends – – not mopping the kitchen floor or washing windows. Because we both work full time, this is a HUGE benefit.
  • There is just something wonderful about coming home to freshly made bed with clean sheets – – knowing that I didn’t have to make the bed. It’s like getting your hair washed. Simple luxury.

Maria’s company comes to clean every other week – – which certainly does not alleviate our need to keep things straight or vacuum every once in a while. But it does free up our Saturday mornings so we can do other things. I truly value that time. I think I’ve said that more than a few times now…

Green Healthy Cleaning Services offers both residential and commercial services. Find out more on the web, on Facebook and on Twitter. If you’re in the market for cleaning services, please get in touch with Maria and let her know you found out about Green Healthy Cleaning Services from us!

And thanks to Maria and Green Healthy Cleaning Services for being our first sponsor!

Cool Tip: Refer Green Healthy Cleaning Services to your family and friends, and for each one that uses their services, you will receive a $25 credit for your next cleaning AND your referral will receive a $15 credit for the first visit!