When it comes to kids’ clothing, Bridget Quinn Stickline is a fantastic resource and parent to know. Founder and President of wee chic – a baby boutique in Greenspring Station, Bridget has a knack for stocking modern kids fashions that are both fabulous and functional. You may have seen our post on Wee Chic – – a baby boutique earlier this week? The store is a real local gem!

Mom to Elizabeth (3) and wife to Scott (OIT Systems Analyst for Baltimore County Government), Bridget was kind enough to chat with us via email about how she balances career and family – – and some of her favorite Baltimore-area ‘kid spots.’

How did wee chic come to be?

I cut my teeth in the world of women’s fashion merchandising. When my daughter was born I struggled to find clothes for her that met my needs, a mix of my clean modern aesthetic and super comfy, lush fabrics. I recognized a need in our market and the idea of Wee Chic was born. The concept lived in my head, and my research, for two years until the stars aligned and Wee Chic~a baby boutique became a reality.

How do you balance being a mom with being a professional?
I work less hours than I ever did working in larger companies and I have an amazing nanny. We have been so fortunate with the people that have come into our lives to care for Elle. That is the most important part of being able to balance both parts of my life, trusting that she is in good hands and being loved on all day. Being in the children’s business also helps a lot with merging the two “me’s”. I am my own client. I can easily evaluate products with an appreciation of the time, needs, and wants of modern chic moms. The whole Wee Chic team consists of women with children in our lives so there is a camaraderie with our clients that makes our time in the store a lot of fun. It’s like being with girlfriends. The back office work is a challenge but that gets done after Elle goes to bed…my 11:30pm emails have become a running joke with many of my designers. 

What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? The last thing you do before you go to bed?
After the teeth brushing, hair taming basics my favorite am activity is having breakfast with Elle. This has been such a bonus of my new schedule. She is a great sleeper and I would completely miss her in the am with the normal corporate buying office schedules of my past life. The last thing I do before bed is work! My “office” is my laptop and my lap. I do most of my communication and planning at night after Elle is in bed.

If you had an entire day to do anything with Elle, what would you do?
Baltimore has so many fun places to explore. We love playground hopping…Elle is a playground fanatic. (Then you should definitely check out our post on Annie’s Playground!)

Favorite ‘kid-friendly’ restaurant in Maryland? What makes it so ‘kid-friendly’?
We are so spoiled, Elle is really good at eating out. She grew up sitting in her Stokke stroller pushed up to a restaurant table, she has it down to a science. She even orders for herself. This allows us to get away with eating in restaurants that are not traditionally “kid” friendly so I am not a good judge.

What do you consider to be Maryland’s best-kept “kid-friendly” secret?
This will sound like shameless self promotion but I think Green Spring Station is a hidden family gem. Eating lunch on the patio at Stone Mill Bakery while the kids play in the grass (don’t miss the mac n cheese on the kids menu), then grabbing homemade ice cream at The Nut Farm or a snowball from the corner stand. It is such a laid back, safe, pleasant place to spend time. There is also an awesome park right across the street. We spend a lot of time here for obvious reasons but it is a really family friendly center. 

Favorite ice cream flavor and best place to get it?
Salty Caramel at The Nut Farm and Creamery! 
(We agree! We LOVE the Nut Farm and Creamery!)

What’s the best thing about your job?
I have always loved that retail allows me to use both sides of my brain. I get to be creative and logical in turn, do analytical math and graphic design in the same day. Year one at Wee Chic has also introduced me to a new favorite…I love meeting pregnant moms and their families and then meeting their new babies. I really enjoy the small connection Wee Chic has to these new little people and look forward to watching them grow up over the years to come. There are clients that stop by every week just to say hello. I LOVE THAT! It is better than I could have hoped for to have created a place where women, mothers, feel such a level of comfort that they visit just for fun.

How do you and your spouse balance parenting responsibilities?
Scott and I are drastically different personalities. That works for us more often than against us (don’t get me wrong..there are days) but we plan well and try to even out our responsibilities. We take turns doing Elle’s bedtime routine each night. We know our limits and try to share the work in ways that play to our strengths. We have a mini-meeting every am before he heads to his office to plan the day and help each other remember and adjust for the important stuff like recycle day and after work commitments. We also find each other pretty funny, this has been key to our survival…we do a lot of laughing both at and with one another.

What’s the funniest thing your child has ever said to you?

Elle is 3…there are nothing but funny moments. Anyone that follows me on facebook could answer this one because I post new “Elle-ism’s” on my page all the time….I asked her recently if our dog was naked…she replied “No, he’s got Fuzz on him” then thought a moment and went on to explain “he’s naked UNDER the fuzz”. That one had us laughing for awhile.

Best local-area date night?

San Sushi in Towson is our favorite night out alone, but you have to sit at the sushi bar to get the full experience!

Best thing about being a mom?
Being a mom has altered my life in ways that I could never have imagined. My priorities are so different now and Elizabeth’s arrival helped me to see the world a different way, to see new possibilities. I think the best part of being her mom is watching this little girl become more “herself” month after month and sharing all of the new discoveries with her. She amazes me everyday!

Thanks, Bridget, for the interview! We definitely think you’re a local ‘parent in the know!’ Be sure to check out wee chic in person at Greenspring Station, on the web or on facebook.

Did you enjoy our first “parents to know” Friday feature? We hope so! We’re looking forward to introducing you to more fabulous parents in the weeks to come!