You know that moment in the grocery store where you need about 10 more minutes to finish up, but your toddler only has about 3 more seconds of cooperation left? That’s when I whip out my iPhone and pull up the “Peek a Bouncer” App. Lila LOVES it! And you can’t get a much better endorsement than a thoroughly-entertained 11-month-old.

So if you have a little gal or guy at home, you really need to get to know these little guys: the KneeBouncers. The KneeBouncers website has fabulous free baby and toddler games made especially for the “little itty bitty ones.” That is, those under 4. Your youngster can learn their letters, numbers, colors and shapes all while interacting with these friendly characters. Hitting any key on the keyboard works, so don’t worry if your child hasn’t abnormally mastered fine motor skills during their pre-preschool years!

Fair warning: your keyboard can take a beating. You may want to invest in a cheap external keyboard. KneeBouncers also posted this video showing how their games can be played on an iPad. What a great excuse to get an iPad, huh? And as I mentioned earlier in this post, they’ve got two great iPhone apps: the Peek-A-Bouncer App and a new app, Calling All KneeBouncers. I especially love that your curious toddler can’t really get out of the app (and into the rest of your iPhone) unless they hit the home button. Thankfully, Lila hasn’t figured that out yet. Check out the apps on iTunes, the KneeBouncers website or even Facebook.

The best part? KneeBouncers is a local business! The founders/developers work out of a Sykesville-based office. So log on and ‘app’ local!

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