You may or may not be aware of the Baltimore area’s fabulous blogging community. Fun, creative, inspiring individuals that are always whipping up fantastic idea that I could never dream up on my most imaginative of days. So today’s five things come directly from them: ways to cultivate creativity at home, courtesy of some amazing local bloggers. Who just so happen to be moms, too.

Edward De Bono once said: โ€œThere is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.โ€

Go ahead. Get your hands dirty. Get creative.

“Bake” Cupcakes for the Birds: This fun idea comes from the fabulous Hesselberth Family at Kid Baltimore. Although Joyce posted this almost a year ago, I think it’s a perfect activity for a chilly January day.

Break Out the Magnatiles + Mirrors: I just love this idea Miranda posted on her blog, Miranda Makes last week. Blocks and Magnatiles are fav toys of ours… but add some mirrors and you have a whole different construction experience. Recipe for gorgeous photos, too.

Create a Photo Shape Book: This idea from Katie at A Childhood List is ah-mazing… I can’t wait to try it! The idea is super simple: grab that camera and go on a shape hunt in your house with your kiddos. Take pictures of different shapes and create your own photo book. Brilliant. I love it! Science and Math meet Art.

Make a Lava Lamp: Pretty sure even the craftiless of us can pull off this fun activity from Classic Play (you didn’t know they were Baltimore-based, did you? Now you do. :)) All you need is a jar with a lid, food coloring, water, oil and salt. Betcha have those in your kitchen cabinet. Too (cool).

Watercolor Sketches
: I have fallen in serious aww with this fabulous idea from Thien-Kim who blogs at A Cup of Creativi-Tea. Each day, she’s taking some time out to sketch a visual diary. Take some time for yourself this week and get in touch with your inner artist. It’s a fabulous idea for kids, too. One of those ‘real life’ activities that are fantabulous for developing pre-reading and literacy skills. {Yeah, you CAN do that without flash cards or workbooks}.

How are you getting your creativity on this week?